Does Pest Control Deal With Thornton Bat Infestation Problems?

Bats have voracious appetite that allows them to ingest thousands of Thornton insects in a matter of hour. They are helping the community control the population of the insects. However, bats are also considered hazardous especially when it has invaded the human structure. A certain type of fungi thrives in the dropping of the bats that will cause Histoplasmosis. This will specifically target the lungs of its host. Bat removal as well as the decontamination of your property should be handled by the expert.

Why the Pest Control Company Will Not Provide You with Solution for Your Bat Infestation

Some Colorado people will ask the service of the pest control company for their bat infestation. Unfortunately, due to an array of reasons, they cannot provide you with a long-term solution. They are specifically trained to provide a solution for insects and rodents problem and they do not possess the necessary information to address something as complicated as bat infestation.

Lack of Knowledge

The bat infestation issue is not as simple as you may think. You are only allowed to perform Colorado exclusion during specific season such as breeding season and hibernation period. There are also certain species of bats that are included in the federal list. The pest control company does not have the sufficient knowledge to identify the best time for removal. They will not have the ability to identify the types of bats that they are dealing with.

Thornton Permits and Licenses

When trapping wildlife creatures, the agency is required to secure separate permits for each type of creatures. For the endangered types, they will also have to carry a special license. The pest control company will not have the permits and licenses that allow them to legally evict the bats from your property. You can be facing punishments and fines once they perform removal without permits.

Limited Methods

When the Colorado pest control company conducted the bat removal process, they will normally use poisons. Apart from the fact that it is illegal under the law, you will discover that it will not end your problem. Keep in mind that there are no poisons specifically designed to kill bats. Those that are not affected with poisons can invade the other rooms of your house to avoid the poison. The bats that have been poisoned will separate themselves from the colony and die in the concealed area of your house. This will make it difficult for you to extract the dead body of the bats. In some cases, you will have to bear the suffocating scent of their decaying body.

Lack of Equipments

The government specifically encourages the homeowners to use exclusion devices when getting rid of the bats in your house. Unfortunately, this option will not be presented by the pest control company. They mainly use lethal methods. Furthermore, they do not have the expertise when it comes to the installation of the exclusion funnel.

These are just few reasons why the Thornton pest control company cannot help you with your bat infestation. Look for a company that is better equipped with knowledge, tools, and licenses that will deliver a long-term result.

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