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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Thornton! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Thornton, CO. We are the leading wildlife control company in the area. We have been providing commercial and residential wildlife control services since the early 2000s. As experts in the industry, we know precisely the things to do to protect your business and your home against a great selection of wildlife species. Our presence in the market for ten years is a testament that, apart from our experience and expertise in wildlife management, we are also reliable and trustworthy. We hope that soon, we will be opening our branches in the nearby states that will make it easier for us to respond to their service requests quickly. We also offer a unique sanitation and decontamination service that focuses on reducing the risk of potential cross-infection. We know that the world is currently fighting a colossal battle against zoonotic diseases, and we are here to minimize the possibility of animal-to-human transmission of the virus. We have accumulated knowledge and skills over the years that allow us to identify the source or cause of the infestation by merely looking at the signs they left behind. These are just some of the reasons why most homeowners and business establishments have trusted us with their wildlife problems.
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Thornton Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Best Way to Find a Lost Snake in Your Colorado Home!

Snake is outstanding in terms of finding their escape route. They are known for being clever, flexible, slender, and smooth. Even those pet owners who have years of experience in taking care of this slithering creature will end up in a situation where their snake has been missing. In case you find yourself in this predicament, make sure that you will remain calm. 

Essential Tips When Finding a Lost Thornton Snake

Once you realize that the Colorado snake has been missing, your primary task is avoid freaking out. Remember that the snakes will be able to survive outside their tank even if it is more than a week. Nonetheless, they may still suffer from dehydration, cold and the lack of moisture.

Starting the Search

The search will start on the area close to the tank of the Thornton snake. The snake can end up anywhere near the cage, it is important to look at all the possibilities. For instance, they can be behind or under the furniture. They can also be behind or inside the bookshelf, cabinet, dresser, and drawers. Look inside the bags and boxes inside your house. If it is cold, they can probably be found close to a heat source such as the heating duct. You understand your snake more than any other people. Ask yourself about the things that they may seek and the elements that they usually avoid. This will help you find them.

Lure Them

Usually, simply putting their tank in the middle of the room can attract their attention. Be sure that their tank will remain open. In order to lure them, you should place their favorite food inside. There is a good chance that you will find them sleeping inside the tank the next morning. The snake will love to explore from time to time but they still remember the comfort that their home can bring to them. 

Setting Traps

In case the above method failed to work, trapping may be the next best option. There are different traps that you can use to capture them such as:

  • Flour Trap- Scatter some flour on the surface of your Colorado house. Be careful in using this method since the flour tends to make the floor slippery. In case the snake travels along the path of the flour, they will leave tracks. This will help you narrow down their possible location.
  • Heat Trap-Snakes are cold blooded Colorado creatures. One way of finding them is to lower the temperature inside the house. The temperature should be about 20-degree Celsius. Place a shoe box in the room and add a heater inside. The snake will probably be lured to this warm area.

  • It is essential to avoid losing the Thornton snake. Most of the enclosure of their tank comes with a built-in locking mechanism. In case your tank does not have any, you might want to invest on it. If you tend to set them free from time to time, be sure that you will supervise them closely.