Get Unwanted Colorado Raccoons to Fly the Coop from YOUR Chicken Coop!

Raccoon is a wildlife Thornton creature that is found in different location in North America. There are some instances when the raccoon will invade our chicken coop to steal the eggs. They can also kill chickens and usually, their bodies will be left lying on the ground. The raccoons will not necessarily eat the whole body of the chicken. They prefer to eat the portion of their chest and their crops. They have a destructive nature and will not bother in eating their victims.

How to Protect Your Flocks from the Dangers of Raccoons

Raccoons are very persistent especially when it comes to Colorado foods. They are also adept climbers that allow them to access the different areas of our house. They can also reach through a small wire mesh and pull out the chickens that they can reach. They are also great problem solvers that allow them to open intricate closures and latches. In case you are wondering how to protect your birds from the attack of the coons, we listed some of them below.

Remove the Thornton Attractants

The first thing that you can do to reduce the activity of the raccoon is to determine the things that are attracting them and eliminate them. Be sure to bring your pet food inside especially at night. Clear the seeds from the bird feeders especially those that are scattered on the feeders. Keep you trashcan covered with a secured lid. In case you live in a dry and humid area, the raccoon may be attracted to the available water source in your area. 

Check Your Chicken Coop for Signs of Deterioration or Damages

It is highly important to guarantee that your Colorado chicken coop is in great condition. Look at the wire mesh and be certain that it is attached firmly. Raccoons will attempt to bend your wire mesh in order to get an access inside. Avoid using chicken wires since they are not designed to withstand the attack of the predator. Raccoons can easily tear these materials. As an alternative, you can purchase a hardware cloth preferably those with a very fine mesh.

Add Screw-Lock Carabineer

We mentioned above how the raccoon can easily open a complex latch. This has been proven during the lab testing. They have the capacity to solve something that is complex especially if they are hungry. In order to keep your coop safe from them, your lock should have at least 2-3 steps to open. For instance you can add screw-lock carabineer in your simple latch to ensure its security. Some people choose to use padlock but this is not necessary. This can make your personal access to your coop a bit inconvenient. 

Raccoons are nocturnal nuisance Thornton creatures. In case you have a free range chicken, be sure to keep them locked inside at night. For a long-term solution for your raccoon infestation problem, the wildlife removal company can deliver a huge selection of potent solutions to your wildlife issue. 

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