Colorado Squirrels Running on Your Roof - Why You Should Worry!

When the Thornton squirrels are out on the community, it will not be uncommon to encounter them while driving. You may have to step on the brake for a couple of times and let the brave squirrel cross the road. It is also common to see a squirrel running on the branches of the trees and going to our roof. Some people will think that this is just a common habit of the squirrel. However, this can be an alarming situation. 

What Are the Squirrels Doing on Your Roof?

Squirrels have an outstanding jumping skill. They can easily access our roof by using the branches on the nearby Colorado trees. In case the tree has branches that are overhanging, they can use this as a mode to travel to our roof. They can also use the structures that lead to our roof such as the downspout. 

Avoiding Thornton Predators

One of the primary reasons why most Colorado squirrels are located above ground is to avoid the predators. Our roof meets the height requirement of the squirrel. If there are not a lot of trees in your yard, your roof may be the only structure that they can use to evade the predators. In case this is their reason, you should still be concerned since they might still tear our soffits to access our attic. Once inside the attic, they can wreak havoc that can lead to costly to repair.

Collecting Foods and Materials

Our gutter and our roof are mostly covered with twigs, leaves and nuts. All of these are important for the squirrels. They can use the leaves and twigs to build their nest. There are also nuts, which is the favorite meal of the squirrel. There are wide selections of materials that the squirrel can collect in our roof.

They Probably Live in Our Attic

When you discover Colorado squirrels running in your roof, it is highly possible that they live in our attic. This is something that you should be worry about. Squirrels have the habit to destroy our insulation and chew wires. This is an issue that no homeowners want to experience. You need to immediately go to your attic and observe the habit of the squirrels to determine how they are accessing your attic. The squirrels will be active during the day so it will not be difficult for you to observe their activities.

When the squirrel is inside our Thornton attic, do not carelessly cover the holes since they will either find another entry points or create another hole to exit the house. You should also not seal the hole when they are away especially if there are baby squirrels in your attic. The persistent squirrel will do everything they can to return inside. The best possible action is to hire the service of the professionals. They can determine the real cause of the infestation that will ultimately deal with your problem. This will also help you avoid infestation that will probably happen in the future. In case you heard a squirrel making a noise in your roof and attic, you need to immediately find a solution.

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